1. Nice series! I especially like the low angle street painted Route 66 shot. And the petrified forest shots caught my eye as well. Thanks for sharing!


    1. Next time you come out to AZ, you absolutely positively must stop at the Petrified Forest/Painted Desert Natl park. You will love it! Our best photos did not come from the standard spots with parking lots, they were spots noticed as we were driving north along the main road that runs N/S thru the park. The first location with the boulders/sloping colorful hills was a tiny spot along the road just barely large enough to park our SUV. Very roughly 3-4 miles north of the south entrance visitor center. The painted location with the colorful horizontal stripes/rock outcrop formation on top/petrified wood on bottom was across/south a little from a parking lot, think it was called Blue Mesa. I would suggest you center at the south entrance and then drive north. You will see these locations best heading north. If driving south you will pass the Blue Mesa lot, and the 2nd location will be hidden by the rock wall.


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