I'm Live on Amazon!

SHADES OF REALITY is now available in paperback on Amazon. It’s my own anthology of short stories, flash fiction, and poetry. The cover is from my husband’s photograph–an artistic, abstract rendition of Chicago’s Bean sculpture. It was perfect for the theme of my book.

Some of my pieces in Shades of Reality were first published in my writing group, the Writing Journey’s anthologies. They are also available on Amazon. These books are great collections from a diverse creative group of authors.

Since 2013, I’ve been a member of this writing group and have been published in seven of their anthologies. Two of my favorite anthologies explore the paranormal genre. In the anthology, Stranded, my short story, ‘Haunted,’ is about a ghost from the Roaring Twenties stranded in a nursing home. In the anthology, Reasons for Hope, a disgruntled and grieving man and his estranged son find hope in the ‘Lightning Chamber,’ a story filled with supernatural elements. (Note: these stories are now in my own anthology, Shades of Reality!)

See links below for Writing Journey anthologies including Elaine Fisher’s stories.

https://writingjourney.org/books/ different themed anthologies available on Amazon

https://human.writingjourney.org/ free online anthology includes Elaine’s flash fiction & poem

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