National Novel Writing Month

During November, I will be participating in this year’s NaNoWriMo. An online nationwide writing community that encourages and supports writers … More

Dec. 2020 Anthology

My writing group’s latest anthology, Masks, Facades, and Reveals, is now available on Amazon. I’m one of its contributing authors … More

I'm Live on Amazon!

SHADES OF REALITY is now available in paperback on Amazon. It’s my own anthology of short stories, flash fiction, and … More


The morning sun streamed through the bedroom blinds, casting shadows onto the sleeping woman. She clung to one pillow and … More

Corpse Du Jour

Randolph Lincoln spotted a streak of lightning in the distance. Normally he would be shooting with his brand new Sony, … More

Gus’s Bus

Friday morning, Sven Gustavsen paced the small kitchen. A feeling of dread overcame him and all he wanted to do … More