In a Dali Dream

I’m forever sleepwalking In a Dali dream Watching chunks of time Floating Melting Disappearing Into the great unknown Where the … More


With graceful swiftness,the pronghorn leaps,kicking up plumes of sand.With powerful vision,the pronghorn surveysthe layout of the land.With tasteful intention,he munches … More

Canyon Watcher

I watchSweeping land sleepingUnder the blazing sun wherePrickly pear and lonely lizard areliving in eternal dryness.I watchShimmering waters windingBeneath towering … More

Over the Rim

Over the rim,Time does not exist.Lives pass in a whisperOnly remnants in the dust To live on in immortality.Over the … More


Morning sun rules,Shining over barren land,Sparkling over mica,Spreading over scatterings ofGreasewood and yucca to becomeEarth’s bounty–Medicine, food, and tools.copyright © … More


Amelia knows how to work herMagic so we’re under her spell.Easy to fall head-over-heels inLove with her sweet baby smell.Interested … More

Wedding Hair Blues

I arrive early and buy a ‘power latte’ –a 20 oz keep-me-from-falling-on-my-asshot beverage–from Mocha Madness and then walk down a … More

The Lightning Chamber

The sun shone down onto the kitchen sink piled high with a week’s worth of dirty dishes. Madison struggled to … More


The morning sun streamed through the bedroom blinds, casting shadows onto the sleeping woman. She clung to one pillow and … More

Corpse Du Jour

Randolph Lincoln spotted a streak of lightning in the distance. Normally he would be shooting with his brand new Sony, … More

Gus’s Bus

Friday morning, Sven Gustavsen paced the small kitchen. A feeling of dread overcame him and all he wanted to do … More


Five-year old Alex surveyed his surroundings, data streaming into his eyes and ears.  He watched his baby sister looking out … More

The Old Haunted Prison

I walk through the old haunted prison, Seeing the ceiling seep from yesterday’s rains. Dripping into one isolated urinal that … More


The thick fog that rolled in from the bay each morning dissipated by the time Harold took his daily walk … More

Love Knot

Hand over steadfast hand Intertwining two lives Joining them at the heart. Weaving strength into their fabric, Perfection into their … More

The Key Maker

Rusty lost keys fall into the Key Maker’s pail With a clang of discord, another life might fail. He races … More