Allan Fisher

Retired NWS Meteorologist. Photo enthusiast for 40+ years. Member of Naperville Il Photogenesis Camera Club and the Phoenix Camera Club. The definition of Photography is “Painting with Light.” In other words, unless you are a photo journalist, your photo creation is just another form of “art.” You have no limitations in your art; same as in sculpture, painting, etc. The final look to the picture is what you want it to be, your interpretation of the scene captured in time. I try to keep this in mind, not only when composing the picture, but also in digital post production. The final look to my pictures come down to “what is the purpose of the picture?” Was the purpose as a “record shot” (I was there)? or was the purpose to be more creative? Do I like it best in color? or black-white? As you look through my picture gallery there is a mix of the “record shot” look and also some painting or other look through the use of various digital dark room software. The software I use are: Lightroom, Photoshop, the TK8 Photoshop plug-in, Topaz Studio, DxO Nik Collection. Some pictures will strictly be created in Lightroom, others a combo of the various software products. My frequent weather articles touching a variety of weather topics that are usually not in the main stream media are on Facebook at the link below.


Elaine Fisher

Elaine has always had a creative side. She is a retired art educator, a published author, and an amateur photographer. Her interest in writing started in 2013 when she participated in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month.) This is a world-wide online community that encourages writing a 50k word novel in 30 days during the month of November. She has found this experience challenging and rewarding. One of her Nano novels (The Dream Traveler’s Memoir- YA Historical Fantasy) is being revised with future plans to be published. Some of her published stories and poems can be found in eight anthologies from the Writing Journey, her local writing group. Some of the themes of these anthologies are horror, (everyone has a dark side, including Elaine!) speculative fiction, fairy tales/myths re-imagined, and love. She has found that the wide range of themes makes her go out her comfort zone and that’s a good thing as a writer! Her art background has helped her immensely in her writing and her photography. She is also a member of the Naperville IL Photogenesis Camera Club and the Phoenix Camera Club. More info concerning her books can be found at the link below.