The Key Maker

Rusty lost keys fall into the Key Maker’s pail
With a clang of discord, another life might fail.

He races against time for those in need
And remakes keys to help them succeed.

With a new key, he searches under a sky of gloom,
Hoping to save one lost soul from impending doom.

One drunken soul stumbles to his death machine.
His key is lost. He can’t remember when last seen.

Suddenly, a shiny new one appears, taking its place.
A key to better choices, to things he needs to face.

The car sputters desperately but does not move.
While the tires spin hopelessly in an endless groove.

Looking in the rear-view mirror, a vision of his past.
Scenes of his deadly drinking, zooming by him fast.

The constant clatter of life in the Key Maker’s pail,
As he watches drivers on the wrong tracks, derail.

Working endlessly through night and day.
Helping humanity to steer the right way.

Disastrous outcomes, The Key Maker can preconceive.
If only they’d heed his vision. If only they’d believe.

The Key Maker cautions in his wisest voice,
Keeping the key shiny is the hardest choice.

Given another chance at life, what would you chose?
A rusty key or shiny key. Which would you use?

copyright© 2017  Elaine Fisher

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