Announcing Dec. 2021 Anthology

I’m pleased to announce that two of my stories, ‘Dodging and Burning the Truth‘ and ‘The Three Javelinas’ are included in the latest anthology from my writing group. Triple Vision is now available on Amazon.

My first story is written in the horror genre. It is about a trio of characters: a photojournalist, his wife, (who has a doppelganger…an evil twin) and his twin sister, who warns her brother to change his behavior, to see the ‘truth’ before it’s too late! Allan has provided the photograph, Double Exposure, to accompany my story.

In my other story, The Three Javelinas, a re-imagining of the Three Little Pigs, my ‘trio’ of characters are three peccories (like boars) who live in the Sonoran Desert. Living in Phoenix has provided me with wonderful writing material. All of the critters in my story–Gambel’s quails, coyotes, javelinas, and snakes are basically in ‘my backyard.’ The big, bad wolf character has been replaced with a coyote named Sheriff Cody Coyote, who is a good guy! He has a sidekick named Deputy Diamondback, a rattlesnake. The following illustration is my cartoon depiction of the three javelinas–Heavy Javier, Conceited Consuela, and Mean Miguel–who are outlaws.

In the paragraphs below is the editor’s explanation about the significance of the number ‘three’ as the theme for this anthology.

We often view life, just as we read and write fiction, through one of three lenses — Reality, Speculation, Fantasy.

In Triple Vision, the writers of The Writing Journey open these three lenses wide with a riveting collection of short stories and poems that entice the reader to interact close-up with an engaging cast of characters in a wide array of fanciful tales and moving verse.

The lens of Realism transforms scenes from real life to ride the pulsating beats that drive our world today. These stories and poems create meaning from what is, with its conflicts, strivings, losses, loves, highs and lows.

The lens of Fantasy goes beyond what is or what might be to explore our most profound connections to the unknown. The dreamlike depictions in this group of stories and poems carry us to our deepest wellsprings of meaning.

Activate your curiosity and satisfy your imagination as you enjoy these sometimes startling stories and poems of Triple Vision offered here by The Writing Journey of Naperville and beyond.

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