In a Dali Dream

I'm forever sleepwalking
In a Dali dream
Watching chunks of time

Into the great unknown

Where the living dead
Come alive
To love me
To haunt me
To mislead me

Please don't ever leave me

My zombie lover
My Widow Maker man
Performing a death-defying act
By defeating all odds
As you gasped and grasped
And reached the other side

To come back to me

Your heart like a flapping bird
Beating in its cage of ribs
The cage door sawed
Skin incised and flawed
Stitching pieces of shattered time
And frayed identity

Back together again

I'm endlessly swimming
In a Dali dream
Wearing a mask of calm
Floating in irrational belief
Sinking in suspended grief
Drowning in a sea of fear

Without a life preserver

I hide my feelings
My insecurtiy
My anxiety
My uncertainty
My new reality

In this surreal world

I live a little
I die a little
Holding my breath
Watching you sleep
Hoping you wake up

Dreaming I'll never lose you, again

Copyright© 2020 Elaine Fisher

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