I had a lot of fun drawing this illustration to accompany my latest short story called ‘The Three Javelinas.’ Before I was a writer, I was a high school art teacher and also preschool teacher. Art and fairy tales are part of who I am.

My story is a humorous re-imagining of the Three Little Pigs. The Three Javelinas are three ‘peccory’ outlaws–Heavy Javier, Conceited Consuela, and Mean Miguel–who are hiding out in the desert. Sheriff Cody Coyote and his loyal deputy, a rattler named Diamondback are the good guys in my version. I always felt the Big Bad Wolf got a bad rap in the original. It was time to give this famous fairy tale a western twist!

The fact that I am a writer now living in Phoenix, Arizona has offered me the opportunity to observe life in the desert–up close and personal! I’ve included many fascinating facts that I’ve learned or observed. The illustration and story will soon be appearing in my writing group,The Writing Journey’s next anthology. As of this time, the title is not yet decided. But this impressive collection of authors’ stories and poems all have the theme of ‘threes’ in common. We are now in the final editing process and soon will be published! When the anthology is available on Amazon, I will post the information.

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