Anthology Photography

In my writing group’s next anthology, The Book of Three, Allan’s artistic photo will accompany my short story, Dodging and Burning the Truth. It is a dark tale of good, evil, and the truth that lurks in between. The story is about a photojournalist and the three women in his life: his twin sister, his fiancee/ later to become his wife, and her doppelganger–her evil twin. The story takes place from April 2019, including the Notre Dame Cathedral fire, and then up to a year later, April 2020, during the early part of the pandemic.

Allan created this photograph by taking two photographs–a woman wearing a mask and not wearing a mask (I was his model)–and then combining them in Photoshop to create the final image. He also used dodging and burning—photographic techniques especially used in black and white photography—to give the image a dynamic, dramatic effect. 

Another photograph of Allan’s is titled, ‘Bel Air,’ and was published in Journey’s last anthology, Masks, Facades, and Reveals. It illustrates my short story, Death Comes a Courting. The main character of my supernatural tale is Ramiel ‘Rami’ Azrael. He is the Angel of Death–a very cool dude who sings Rolling Stones songs, like ‘Hey, You, Get Off of My Cloud, and drives the classic ‘winged’ sedan–the 1959 Chevy Bel Air!

The photo was enhanced using a combination of Lightroom and Topaz Studio 1, both are photo editing software programs

My husband’s expressive, creative photos works so well to illustrate my work because just like me, he is also a ‘storyteller,’ whereas Allan uses a camera while I use words!

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